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How to Carve a Real Pumpkin

Here's a step by step on the entire process

Step #1: How to Gut and Clean your Pumpkin.


Print out two patterns, one will be used for the Carve, the other just for Reference.
Cut off excess paper around the perimeter of one; leave about 1/4 inch of white around it.

Buy or pick your pumpkin. Always choose your pattern first, then find the right Kin that the pattern will fit on. For example if I were to carve that Frankenstein skull on the front page, I would look for a tall and peanut-shaped Kin.

Because our little space friend is nice and round, we'll use a nice round Kin.

With a black ballpoint pen draw a circle around the top of the pumpkin.
I always add a little lip toward the back of the circle.
This helps when taking the lid on and off;
you'll know exactly how to place the lid back on.

TOOL - Long thin serrated knife


Start cutting around the circle you drew - hold the knife at a 45 degree angle. The angle is important; this will stop the lid from falling in.


Remove the lid and slice it smooth on the bottom.
Like this:

Next were going to GUT the inside of the pumpkin. Why's it called gut? Look at the photo. Yikes!!

TOOLS - I like to use The Monster Scoop from Michael's for $6.99 (a large spoon will also do the trick) and a nice metal scraper bought at Wal-Mart in a carving kit.


Scrape all the guts out: Seeds, strings, and such.
Grab the scraper and start thinning out the inside of the pumpkin. You want the side walls to be about 1/2-inch thick. The tool on the right also came in the same kit. Known as a ceramic loop tool, it does wonders for smoothing the inside.

The BEST tool for cleaning and thinning the walls is a clay loop tool.

NOTE: The pear-shaped one is the best (model LT5).

You can buy one here in my shop.

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There. That's pretty.
Now we need to clean the Kin. I just place it in the bath-tub with cold water. Clean the outside and inside with a washcloth. Don't forget to clean the lid. Water is a pumpkin's best friend.

Note: Make sure you clean the tub when you're done or your wife will get Really Pissed. Trust Me !!!


Now we have a nice clean Kin. Lets dry him: I just use paper towels. Make sure you get in between all the little lines, and make sure the outside is Very Dry!

This is important for when we tape on the pattern!

The next page will show you how to transfer the pattern.

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