How 2 Carve a Real Pumpkin

"Here's a Step by Step on the Entire Process"

Step #3 How to Carve and Shave your Pumpkin.


TOOLS - Exacto Knife with a keyhole saw-blade - I like this tool - It's Pen Size!
you can buy the knife and (5) pack of saw blades at Michaels

I prefer this over the smaller Pumpkin Masters Carving saws, they're too small for my manly hands - LOL
The Pumpkin Masters Carving saws Will do the trick, if this is what you have.

1. The First thing you want to Carve out - is the smallest Black Shapes

The Black cut-out areas in this pattern are fairly simple - (BUT always cut the smallest first)

DO NOT PUSH IN OR PULL OUT any of the Black areas until you cut them all.

this gives the pumpkin support, as your still sawing the other BLACK shapes

2. Once you have carved Every Black Shape in the Pattern, Use your saw to PULL them all out "Gently".

Pull them out towards you, don't PUSH them into the Pumpkin
on a more advanced pattern, you could Break other shapes.Dont force it, use your saw to loosen if need be.


TOOLS-Shaving Cream and Razor


Okay Just Joking with Ya - We'll try that again - Below


TOOLS - Speedball Linoleum Cutter and Wood Chisel Set

Are Both Available for purchase in my Shop

I have two speedballs, I'm too lazy to keep changing the blades, I keep one small V blade in one and one Large V Blade in the other.


The first thing were going to do is OUTLINE
all the Black Lines in the Pattern
I start with the Overall Outline first (the patterns perimeter) Using the Large V bit in the Speedball

NOTE: I only use the small V bit if the pattern has very small detailed Lines


Then I go around the rest of the lines with the SAME TOOL/BIT
Again I'm Using the Large V Bit
Now open your Pack of Woodcraft Carving Knifes - Pull the two with U-Shaped Blades
Theres a Large and a small One., Look at the pattern that you saved, You want to SHAVE the skin off of all the GRAY areas, the white areas are Left alone completly.

Like This !

Notice the shape in the middle, I left it alone for it's white on the pattern

At this point dont worry about the rigges or that it's lumpy, we'll make the shaved areas nice and smooth in our last step.

Just a Close up of the Above Image


Were 1/2 way There.
And were Done Shaving the Pumpkin

Now lets make those shaved areas nice and Neat

TOOLS - Mini Ribbon Clay Tools

NOTE: You Could Also Use Larger Ribbon Tools for Larger Areas that need to be shaved.

Both Small and Large Ribbon Tools are Available for Purchsae in my Shop

Use the Mini Ribbon Clay Tools to Scrape all the shaved areas and make them nice and Smooth.

Give the Pumpkin One more Bath & Dry as before

Just wanted to use that image again - Boy was she Pissed!

Last Step, I like to spray Lysol on the whole Carving and inside the Whole Pumpkin, this helps keep those little Green Pumpking killing Bacteria & Fun-Guys away.