Forget the salt poisoning of Kraft's blue box

If you've got a recipe you think others might enjoy feel free to share it here
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Wed May 03, 2017 4:42 pm

We love any cheese pasta, got the nipper making this, ideal Halloween carving food prep prepped & re-heated when you are in the midst of battle with the pumpkin gauntlet throwdown...

10 minute Mac & cheese courtesy Kenji @ serious eats.
Not draining the pasta for starch emulsification is the key to velvety smooth cheese...

Prep a stack! ... heese.html

1 min 44 sec total length video, please use a decent proper salt :Thumbs_Up: , not bland easy flow crud :Thumbs_Down:

I used the cheapest brand of evap milk (lidl) on side by side batches comparing it with carnation (pricey heritage brand) ..couldn't tell the difference

But naturally good cheese (strength) made a !of of flavour difference so don't skimp.

Will be making a few kilos of this to see me through the "holiday " to improve my tea, scotch egg & monster energy drink "diet"
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