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 Post subject: Missing Girl Found Dead In Dumpster
 Post Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 9:39 am 


The Boss with the Hot Sauce

The Boss with the Hot Sauce

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This is a Horrible Tragedy/Crime - So sad and heartbreaking.

I am glad they caught this killer, (for this could have been a start of a serial killer)
But what kind of punishment, is justifiable for raping and killing a 9 year old girl ? Lethal Injection is too humane for this excrement. :evil:

I hope once he's found guilty, and killed, He burns in Hell for Eternity.



SOUDERTON, PA – Police have identified the neighbor suspected of killing 9-year-old Skylar Kauffman as 24-year-old James Troutman.

The girl was last seen on Monday as she played with friends in the parking lot of the Souderton Garden apartments where she lived with her mother. When she did not come in for dinner, her mom became concerned and called police. When she still had not been heard from or seen by that night, an Amber Alert was issued and the search intensified.

Sadly, a few hours after the alert had been issued, it was cancelled. Skylar’s dead body was found wrapped in a blanket inside a nearby dumpster. As police began interviewing neighbors, they honed in on one in particular, Troutman, deciding to interview him a second time. That’s when they allegedly spotted blood on his shoes.

Troutman had a prior run-in with Skylar a couple of weeks earlier. She and another girl had used Troutman’s bathroom and noticed naked photos of women on the wall. When Troutman asked if they wanted to see “his bird” they tried to leave but found the door was locked. They were able to get the door open where several neighbors witnessed them running from the apartment, screaming and crying. This was confirmed by several officers and the police chief.

Police believe Troutman came upon Skylar playing outside and took her to a shared storage and laundry area in the complex’s basement. There the girl was beaten during a sexual assault in which she fought for her life. ”It was a horrific, physical assault that left a tremendous amount of blood,” Souderton police Chief James Leary explained. “An autopsy was conducted earlier today. We found that Skylar died from asphyxia as well as blunt force trauma,” says Montgomery District Attorney Risa Vetri. “She had significant genital injuries to her body as well.” Here’s another bit of info I found interesting; Troutman’s girlfriend told police that she heard a child screaming “No!” and a loud crash from the basement.

Troutman would later admit to investigators that he killed Skylar, wrapped her in a blanket and tossed her in the dumpster. But even if he tries to wiggle out of that confession for some reason, Skylar’s fight for her life was not completely in vain. The violent struggle left behind an overwhelming amount of physical evidence that police say they will be able to link to Troutman. ”The son of a bitch is in jail,” Leary said, leaving me envisioning “Dirty” Harry Callahan, on charges of murder, kidnapping and rape of a child.

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 Post subject: Re: Missing Girl Found Dead In Dumpster
 Post Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 10:29 pm 


The Boss with the Hot Sauce

The Boss with the Hot Sauce

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Joined: December 10th, 2008
Posts: 6612
Location: 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Gender: Male
In Philadelphia, Everyone is talking about this crime
(it's in all the local papers and Local News Channels)
My daughters scout meeting was tonight, and every Parent was Discussing it.
And having "The Talk" once more with their Kids.

Don't talk strangers. never get in a strangers car, stranger holding a puppy,
stranger tells them Mom and Dad are hurt, Run away and Scream etc........

My Heart does go out to the parents and the family, of 9-year-old Skylar Kauffman,
this Nightmare will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

One thing that is really troubling me .
And no one seems to be saying it.
But I will :

Even though the police, did not arrest this guy a few weeks back.
(for they felt a crime was not committed). :roll:

Personally, if this was my kid, the cops would have been called by someone else.
For I would have been to busy hitting this guy with a Baseball Bat !

Here's the thing that is troubling me:
This nine year old girl told her mother that this guy locked her in his bathroom,
that there was porn on the walls, and that the guy tried to show his genitals.
(or asked her if she wanted to see his genitals).

So two weeks later, "These Parents" let this kid go outside unsupervised once more!!
Knowing this Sicko still lived in the same apartment building.

It is not just the Police who need to protect our children,
it starts with the parents. Our children are OUR responsibility !!!


Me and my wife are what you would classify as over protective parents.
(I really hate being this way, But I know that Real Monsters/Sicko's do exist)

And they come in all shapes and sizes.
Read about Albert Fish Sometime if your not Familiar with that Case/Crime
Guy looked like a Harmless Grand Dad.

My daughter is not allowed outside with-out me or my wife, or close relative or with a Parent that we really know and trust.

I see parents all the time in my neighborhood, that will just open the door, and let their young kids out to play, Or Drop them off at the playground and then leave.
or stay and chat with the BFF's on their Cell Phones :roll:

It's not just about the sicko's out there, but it's also for our kids safety.

Just the other day (Monday) my daughter was off from school, I took her to this huge Park, called Mason Mills Park, there's a Playground area, tennis courts, lakes etc... this one kid was like a few hundred yards away from his mother (who was sitting with her back facing where her kid was, she was sitting on a bench yibb/yabbing on a cell phone, her kid fell and busted up his face (Pretty Bad), Blood was pouring down his face, It was a deep cut that, I'm sure required stitches, another parent grabbed the bleeding kid, and was running around yelling to try and locate his Mother.


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