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Potential to get yourself some halloween basics...

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 7:16 am
by GUS
I decided to try out AMZ review site the other month, (this was years of being in the top 500 of uk amazon & wondering why folk all round me were getting freebies / discounted goods ...I put it down to a fresh intake of vine or sometheing.

WhenI tried to join AMZ I had fun (crap C/ service) because soemone had logged our amazon url for themselves ...thieving b@stards! ..I takew my data, privacy, .IP damn seriously so I kicked off.

After I got that sorted gave it a go, & at the end of my 1st month with them the potential is there for a lot of tat, plus the sort of kit any self respecting halloweener may employ in a set up.

I'm therefore putting it out here for you to mull over, however I've got some really good stuff out of it cheap or free for leaving a review.

whilst in the uk they don't do foggers & the likes, it is a site which covers a good variety of Amazon shopping countries, ...yes EVEN Canada :!con_p_Laugh2:

to me the camo for free has lurking potential, as do cheap electrical connector boxes to hook up the led floods that you might get lucky & get for a pittance or free, (I have plenty but dedicated halloween stash always welcome.
As well as powerbanks (20,000 mAh) to hook up a portable device & leave it running all night / series of nights (please don't start on how those mah levels are calculated in reality i'm very aware) :!con_p_wink:

Point being, this is kit i'd buy anyway, plus a few things i'd be tempted too if only the price were lower, ..currently i'm looking to see if i've qualified for a 50 watt LED flood, 10watt rgb flood, 10watt pir flood ..etc etc, all useful kit regardless of season for carving in your workshops or using for fx.

I'm not associated with AMZ in any manner other than taking advantage of their site somewhat succesfully 20 eneloop 5yr capacity AA / AAA combination batteries & charger(s) for the price of a cheap coffee, inc delivery!

Hopefully some of you who do revews on products bought will be able to utilise & benefit from AMZ (others around, but i'm not familiar with them, I read up on them carefully beforehand). spam involved, sign up via url ink to verify your account.

All in all I highly recommend it, & it also means I can put some good kit in homeless charity donation bins / shoebox xmas boxes etc, general schmutter for stuff I don't keep having had a look, assess & left a review.

Whilst I understand some folk might already be doing this it's worth knowing about in my (ever so) :!con_p_tease: humble opinion

Re: Potential to get yourself some halloween basics...

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:52 pm
by Doh
I might be tempted to give it a go.

Re: Potential to get yourself some halloween basics...

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:11 pm
by GUS
It's where my cheap ribbon rgb led's are coming from.
I can always do with as many led floods as folk are willing to throw at me for 1GBP upward (delivered)

A 50w cold white for (3.75 GBP) flood ..lovely to use with a smoke machine.

I'm thinking of getting a few vibrators for 0.99p for jiggling bodies (halloween prop body in a bag etc).

But their search engine sucks beyond belief! ...the pay-dirt keeps you going.

Re: Potential to get yourself some halloween basics...

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:53 am
by GUS
just got another LED front bike light for 2.88 GBP it has 5 decent cree led's on it & is powered by 6 x 18650 rechargeables, ...power adaptor headstrap etc ....basically I cannot buy strobes this cheap so bike torches (another on offer i've applied for) with a minimum amount of LED's & i'm there.

The power on this one is there to be "felt" (on the eyeballs) & would be good in a kin or strobe assisting any prop you imagined. (rrp 27.95 GBP)

even the 10p units with a minimum of 250 lumens in a torch with a 18650 batt, charger & a AAA adaptor are worth a punt because you can be sure they'll deal with a bit of fog juice, damp etc..

at worst wired into a tree or whatever for extra spot illumination or covered & used to uplight something. fx

Edit: Make that 2 of those, just scooped the next size up with 7 cree led's, the strobe speed is going to be quite un-nerving if I get to do stuff with them.

I'm kicking myself there was a flood of what turned out to be really good led pillar candles, with an excellent flicker effect, all drippy, very low power led just below the surface angled through a plastic lens onto a flame shaped bit of plastic which had a tiny magnet & was fighting a tiny electromagnet to make it flicker the plastic flame sits atop a pin so it rocks & wobbles, SO good .. realistic ..look out for those by a firm called Gideon. ..anyway they had all sizes for free, I only put down for one unlike many others & got one, others got all five! (greedy, greedy) if you want to scene set that sort of item is brilliant.

Re: Potential to get yourself some halloween basics...

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:15 pm
by GUS
Latest update of kit with potential...

just scored 3 x 10 watt led floodlights for 2.89 GBP (delivered naturally), ...tombstone potential highlighting fog etc etc...

Also just got an Orion 180 lumen output camping lantern, fast flash in red state, constant red, bright cold white, low cold white, ...0.99 GBP ....running on 2 supplied 18650 li-ion batts & 3 AA's ..also doubles as a charger (alleged 5000 ish mAh depending on what math you use)

A go-pro (generic unit claiming to have a decent chipset) .. 0.00 GBP (car cam, ..& door fright cam cum halloween) ...considering I was umming & erring at the cost of a replacement waterproof casing for my existing unit, ..this is a win! :!con_p_wink:

A motion sensor light, ...staying on dim then full power (1x 18650 again) ..

Nice flickering led dribbly candle (free) with a decent flicker flame effect via a tiny electro magnet simple low power siting of the led firing upward to the plastic flame, really good, ...the scoffingly nicknamed "romantic candle"

Another set of waterproof 5050 smd leds,

I'm not putting this here to crow, all the kit is useful to me regardless, but seeing as halloween displays can cost so much, it is worth looking at a review site & deliberating what
could be utilised for "the night" potential, storm / power outs etc... especially if they are giving away for you to squirrel away.

Our set up is always haphazard, but the more kit we can utilise the more potential we end up with.

Off topic ...some lube in a bottle ....for sorting out (emptying) itchy dog bum glands :!con_13: :!con_p_smile: ..compared to a costly vet trip

..really tempted by the all in one ghillie suit! (camo leaves)