Any background on this (fox news)

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Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:51 am

Would appreciate a link or two to get the gist, because I cannot believe what i'm hearing.

Context: discussion elsewhere re disappointing uneven reportage by the bbc (radio4) a govt heavyweight & "paid for" climate change denier ..the BBC are meant to be neutral but keep wheeling out the paid for mouthpiece who is plain wrong & has his statements frequently disproven..

So, an associate wrote this..

"I suppose it all comes down to balance, and depends on whether you are a news broadcaster or just entertainment.

In the US Fox News was challenged for presenting a biased opinion on AGW, as News channels must be balanced, but they won the legal argument by claiming that they aren't a News channel!

So is Radio 4 entertainment or News, or is it constrained by general BBC rules. I assume it's fairly lax, unless it can be shown to be deliberately misleading whilst using the BBC name to add credence to the claims of the individual."
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Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:08 am

Many of us in The USA would like to distance ourselves from Fox news... I always said during the Obama administration. I would have liked, just once, for Obama at an elementary school to have told a kid "Don't eat the yellow snow." Just so I could have heard Fox news tell us why yellow snow is good for you.
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