Requesting Patterns. (STICKY)

Post What Patterns you would like to See Next on Stoneykins.
You can Upload your Reference Photo's Here Also.
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How to Request a Pattern

Okay the system I would like to put in place, is pretty much in place.

When Making request, Please Place each Subject in it's own thread.
This way I can keep track of them and mark the ones I feel should be made (DONE)

To Be honest - I most likely will not or can not fill every request.
Filling the Request really depends on the subject matter,
and feedback from the other members of the board.
If the Idea is a Good one, the chances are there will be a pattern made.

Feel Free to Post Photo's or Images - So I have something to go by.
Keep in mind Not all Photo's make a Good Pattern.

The Difference Between a Request and a Custom Pattern.

To me a Custom Pattern is a Pattern that Only you want to carve.
Family Members, Pets, Your Car, Boat, Motorcycle, Company Logos etc...
Wedding with Bride and Groom Names or date etc....

Also a Custom Pattern can be of anything
And will not be posted to the board.
So if Ordered, you get the only copy.

If the pattern is a Movie star / Singer or something others would carve,
I may Post the pattern the following season.
For Any pattern that I create I still hold the rights to.
So Even If I make the Custom pattern for you, it's not to be shared with others.

There is a Custom Pattern Order Page on the main Site.

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