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Post What Patterns you would like to See Next on Stoneykins.
You can Upload your Reference Photo's Here Also.
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Apprentice Carver
Apprentice Carver
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Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:57 pm

I just want to say that this is by no means a critic of the site content....I LOVE THIS SITE..I have been a CO carver for almost 15 years and I have been using ZP for about 2. Now thanks to the amazing patterns and community and also the ability to purchase ALLL I need to start I am ready to attempt shaded patterns. Although the site has more than enough to keep me busy for years....I would love to see something from THE DUNE series and World of Warcraft. Yes I know nerdy but all I can ever find for WOW is the Dwarf and the Orc...so in the future if you can something like a sandworm or Dune related and something new from WOW. Thank You
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Elite Carver
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Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:52 am

Welcome CT

it's always best to get those "pattern thoughts" in early, & offer up illustrations of what you think could & would transfer well to a pattern, ...stoney's just about on his last legs at this point in the season, no sleep, computer problems et al...
But yeah, Dune, classic for sure...

pics? ..you never know
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