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The Boss with the Hot Sauce
The Boss with the Hot Sauce
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Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:16 pm

This is a Tough Quiz - and it goes up to 120 Questions.
Some things are Pretty Damn Tricky. Some questions are Timed - This will keep you busy Forever. Or it will make you Nucking Futz.

If You want to Cheat - If your Really Stuck.
Answers are Below in Next Post - If You REALLY REALLY Need the Answer. :grin:

I got one foot in the grave, the other on a banana peel !
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The Boss with the Hot Sauce
The Boss with the Hot Sauce
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Joined: Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:33 am
Gender: Male
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Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:29 pm


Answers ' Below to All Questions.






1. Up his sleevies

2. Paint

3. Earth (the rest are consumable products XD)

4. American (A merry can)

5. Its either ARSE, UDDER or CARROT

6. 8 (sentence = 8 letters)

7. press right arrow on keyboard

8. 10 letters in

9. click the thing until it turns into a tadpole. Click the bubble for a skip.

10. Drag the word “penguin”

11. Follow directions

12. Fine

13. Lederhosen

14. Click 14 twice

15. A backwards dog

16. Chris (in the credits)

17. Mouse over brown balloon

18. Fly sandwiches

19. Fusestopper

20. Pop the zits. Pop purple zit on ear for a fusestopper

21. 30 (demo of impossible quiz)

22. Pink Clouds

23. Drag circle in 23 to the bottom spot (this one is pure genius)

24. Space (under the “C”.) Look at your keyboard)

25. When its a jar (ajar)

26. You run

27. Press one on the keyboard

28. THIS IS SPARTA! (lol, love this one)

29. Move the mouse to the small space on the right for a green gem. If you uncover a bomb, drag it to the water. Under “Search!” is a green bomb. Let it blow up for a skip.

30. Click the 0 in 30.

31. Drive down the m4.

32. Click finger

33. Click 33 (bare arses. Lol)

34. Click the death button. Dont worry.

35. Aim for the face

36. Tequila

37. Move the mouse off the quiz. (elephants are afraid of mice)

38. Mash the space bar

39. Like 11, only you’re invisiblle.Timer only starts when you go invisible.

40. Toucan

41. Wait for one of the circles to shrink. Bottom right hand corner has a fusestopper.

42. Drag the guys fist and drop it on the other guy.

43. You need to play the first impossible quiz to know the answer. Picks a random question from the first one.

44. What you say!!

45. Click the second e in I see, then I in I see, repeat until you reach O in O rly?

46. Around Orion;s waist

47. Universal Serial Bus

48. USB ports

49. Follow Frank’s direction. Do not follow if it doesnt have “Frank Says” on the top

50. Click the mouth to chew the bone repeatedly, then rub your mouse over it until the bar fills up.

51. Click “came last” (it will turn into camel)

52. Move the mouse back and forth over the lamp until its clean.

53. Click next to the G (notice it looks like an arrow)

54. There is a little mouse tail at the bottom right hand corner. Move it to the button.

55. Pokemon

56. micropenis (between legs)

57. Four

58. Press space

59. Drag the R away in Vanish

60. Drag the cat down as fast as possible

61. To get to the other side

62. Edam

63. Press the Q at the bottom. Press Q on your keyboard for a skip.

64. You may want to use a fusestopper here until you memorize them all.
i) . the Planet
ii) . A small cloud at the top right hand corner
iii) . A mountain that is missing its peak
iv) . the critter is missing a crease under its left eye
v) . Tooth closest to the cheek is missing
vi) . Near your left is a small patch of ground that is colored differently.

65. Goats Blood

66. Click all the lighter colored leaves off the body. Click the flower on the neck for a fusestopper

67. I used a skip here. Real hard to do.
Invisible maze, go to the green light on the left first, then get the key and head through the sliding walls to the finish. When you hit the green dot you get a message saying "To remove the universe the code is 8275" Thought it might apply to #58 but haven't figured it out yet.

68. Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally challenged

69. Press the bomb when it hits 2

70. Click the cat, then memorize how many times it got beaten up.

71. 28.8 kbps modem

72. violence

73. Click the tree until its done

74. No

75. Remember how many times the cat got beaten up? Click the answer here.

76. AIDS

77. A fat bloke

78. Keep turning the wheel of the box

79. Drag the on in “Dragon” into the circle

80. A corpse bra

81. Bottom row, 2nd from the right

82. Its said obvious, but for some reason I never got it, so I used a skip here.

83. Drag the screen away.

84. Blue Red Blue Yellow (tip before the game)

85. NEVAR!

86. type U

87. arrow instead of carrot

88. dont do anything

89. You would have thought one of them would have ducked

90. TL:DR

91. Not sure about this, but click on her foregead when the red thing appears.

92. None, im on Impossible Quiz Question 92

93. Click"the odd one out"

94. Silence

95. Click the numbers from smallest to biggest, then click enough when it appears.

96. Click the no. of lives you have

97. Click “K” in Black

98. 5

99. Burst 99 red balloons. Blue will kill you, Green will minus one ballon

100. Press 8275 then click on the red flashing lever

101. Type “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”

102. Drag away all the pictures, then click on the cat’s face

103. Red

104. Clean the windows. I used a fusestopper here.

105. Clcik the switch behind the question number.

106. Remove the eye on the left thing and put it one the metal thing in the middle, then drag the ball in the hand into place where the eye originally was

107. A question from this quiz will come out. Click where the answer was.

108. Folow the green arrow (its best to remeber the path)

109. A vicious circle

110. Click the red squares.


112. Drag the can of food to the can opener. Use the mouse to operate the can opener by going round and round. When the can is open drag it to the dish.

113. Click the colour of “nicest”

114. Alternate between the left and right keys of the keyboayd to brush the teeth.

115. Caturday

116. Drag the shapes into the box

117. A question from Giucob’s impossible quiz. I dont know, a friend helped me here.

118. Dont do anything

119. Type horse, then peanut, then chihuahua

120. Changes each time I think. You need to pay attention.
I got one foot in the grave, the other on a banana peel !
The Pumpkin Carving Group - Facebook Group
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