Our cheap & simple car based scareactor prop.

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Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:56 am

As we live in a cul-de-sac this was easy to do as folks walked between the houses, we parked a vehicle off road in one of our access points for the night.

Small strobing 350 lumen camping light with the frosted globe removed. (enough light for the rear of a compact vehicle)

Cheap bloody silicone hand-prints on the rear of the car (the only really visible aspect) crash tape, "police aware" type notice, bloody hand-prints across the rear glass, which also therefore illuminates nicely..

Just to improve staging of existing items we placed a cannibal bbq & bones on the weber (led lit from beneath with a white pumpkin on top to draw people round.
Smoke fogger with remote activation beneath the car & basic audio moans on a looped mp3.

Izzy in the back (sleeping bag for comfort, kindle & walkie talkie to notify activation, whereupon she would obviously leap up silhouetted against a fast flashing light & slap her bloody hands against the window.

A couple of soaked bloody sponges gave her the splatter effect to drag her hands down the glass... wiped as needed with wet wipes when it got too much.

Simple because the silicone hand-prints are cheap & re-useable elsewhere.
led lantern cheap storm / emergency / camp kit many folks have..
Tape, cheap, notices, cheap to locate via internet print & mount..
Obviously a brain is likely clued into TWD "do not open, dead inside" ..simple, effective.
The top half only needs to be visible (for a short time), so you can use as much or as little make-up or costume as you wish.

Far more comfortable than crouching in the bushes.
cheap fixes can be utilised to obscure the glass, if local conditions do not mist naturally.
A cheap small NON LED strobe is a maybe if offset outside the car (not inside with the scare-actor) so it won't boil their eyes nor addle their brains..

To make sure they don't avoid the area, place the cheap glow stick bracelets there also & send em over..

Worked well, as it was midway between houses folk merely thought it was more stage setting, ..shame the night was void of a decent amount of kids.

Set up time less than 5 minutes, a good cheap visible attractant to make use of a vehicle usually deemed a pain to have on the property on the night.
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Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:33 am

All that build up and not enough trick or treaters...shame indeed.
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