Just said goodbye to an old friend

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Wed May 03, 2017 3:10 pm

So, ole whitey who has been around for 3.5 Halloween cycles on this spinning orb got sick very recently & passed on I'm sad to say.

Ole whitey after 2 Halloweens of sitting in the background missed company & joined his brethren , it was there, in company, that whitey sadly caught a slow acting fungal disease from another of his kind, around his butt which raged unnoticed till it had all but consumed whitey, not one hint did he give from his seat within the workshop, stoical to the end, ..one tough hombre!

To crown this he was consigned to the recycling bin in my absence, so I was completely unable to retrieve some seeds to continue Whitey's strong genes.

He was one helluva pumpkin (& doorstop) ..& shall be greatly missed, I cannot say for sure how old he was in pumpkin years (its so simple with dogs) but clearly a god amongst his kind.

"We who are about to carve, salute you" (whitey) :Depressed:
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