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The Boss with the Hot Sauce
The Boss with the Hot Sauce
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Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:12 pm

Thanks Andretti for the Feedback.

I don't Hide Cost, it cost $750.
Not going to Lie, it was a total PIA for Both the Programmer and Me.
His Job was of course to create it.

I do like the new BULK ZIP Download ;)
And do think it was worth the Money and Time placed into it.

Once it was completed, I ran a bunch of test.
The 1st Test was As Is, It Created one zip file to download,
But because all the patterns were already individually Zipped with the mock.

The One Zip - Had a Bunch of Zip files inside of that.
Which would lead to still un-zipping each and every file.

So I did more Experimenting, And Found that if I upload each Pattern and Mock Separately
(Not Zipped). Then the Patterns and Mocks will get Placed in the One zip file.

So After download, and unzipping the One Bulk zip, the patterns are ready to be used.

It took a solid week to get everything changed over and re-uploaded.
(16 hours a day) Doing the Same thing (steps) over 3000 times. :shock:

But it's the end result that matters, and seems to work really well.

In the Next Day or So, I have to Re-do the How to print a Pattern Tutorial.
And make the Whole thing about using Poster Printer.
Once that's Complete, RonyaSoft the company that makes this software will offer a 25% discount off this Program. (I don't make a Penny off of it) The Saving gets passed on to our members.

It cost on their Site ($19.95) Will be $15 Bucks on Stoneykins.
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