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Custom Patterns

Samples of Custom Patterns


Types of Custom Patterns Price List
  Simple Pattern (Simple Design or Cartoon Character)


  Pet, Car, Boat, Motocycle etc.

  Company or Corporate LOGO's

  Portrait - Single Head Shot

  Portraits Multiple Faces (3 Max)

  Extreme Pattern - Lots Of Detail

  Traditional Cut Out Pumpkin Stencil


Please Note: Prices may be a little higher depending on the complexity of the subject matter.

If by Chance, I am Not able to Get a Good Pattern or Stencil from your Photo,

I will Contact you (for another photo) Or Give a Full Refund.

Patterns will be created ASAP, Please Allow 3 to 5 days (in case I get Bogged Down).

Once the Pattern or Stencil  is Completed,
it will be emailed to you along with a Copy of a Mocked up Pattern Image.

For best results, Select a Photo with High Contrast.

Email Your Photo(s) Here: St0ney@stoneykins.com

Note: If it's a Subject Matter, that other carvers would carve,

the pattern will be added to the Pattern Store.