How to Carve a 3 Color Shaded Pattern
On a Real Pumpkin

Here's The Next Set of Steps

How to Transfer the Pumpkin Pattern.

Saral Transfer Paper

TOOLS - Saral Transfer Paper (White is Best)
Roll of Clear 2" Shipping Tape, And 1 Ball point pen Black or Blue

You can Buy the Saral Transfer Paper in Our Shop

Gently Lay the trasfer Paper on the Pumpkin

Cover the front of the pumpkin with the transfer paper
Try to Lay it on the pumpkin without smearing it.
Tape down the corners and the sides with the clear 2" shipping tape

Placing the Pattern on top

Put a little water on the pattern,
This will give it a little play when laying it on the transfer paper/pumpkin shape.

Work the pattern into the pumpkin creases.
Once your happy with it's postion, tape it down with the clear tape.
Give the Pattern a few mintues to dry to the shape of the pumpkin.

Time to Trace the Pattern On

Grab a Black or Blue Ballpoint Pen,
And TRACE over every single line in the pattern.
If you have to trace over some of the clear tape, Just Press Harder !

Double Check that you traced Every Line

Make sure you traced Every line before, Removing the Pattern and Tracing Paper

Doh! I Made a Boo Boo !
I missed the two black shapes on the left side of the head
What to do, What to Do! Were Screwed!

I Did this for fun so I can show you how to fix it!

How to add missing Shapes

Okay mistakes Happen!
Print another copy of the pattern you will only need part of the pattern,
Were missing 2 shapes on the top of the head,
so we only need the top half of the pattern to fix it.
Get a pair of scissors, and cut around the outline of the pattern,
Now get an Exacto Knife and Cut-out the two black shapes we are missing.
Line up the pattern with the lines you already Traced on the kin

Now just trace the two shapes in


Last Step for Patterns Transfer

Last Step in the Transfer is to Go Over all the Lines Once more with your Pen
And Color in all the Black Shapes,

Look at your extra pattern, and use it to figure out what needs to be BLACK.

So you know when you carve,
what to cut out - what to shave
and what to leave alone

Keep it Clean

Okay Before We Carve our pumpkin Project
Make sure you keep your work area Nice and Neat!

Again the Wife will get Mad ! - LOL !