Downed Russian commercial jet.

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Elite Carver
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Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:58 am

Sinai, Egypt downed airliner on its way back to Russia,

What's the betting it was downed due to Russia's entry via air attack on the multiple groups fighting within Syria!? ...short odds, glad we are not in it, though the African states jump point in Syria will be the death of the Eu, possibly the euro.

This morning I hear a vast % of UK donated aid money has been swallowed up by UN beauracracy & staffing costs, ...charitable aid is a frickin business. :( equating to little assistance to keep folk well in camps which are a complete mess (UN designated refugee camps) + more chancing it in Europe, with winter approaching, Philly undeniable numbers in excess of 280,000 newly across borders + in Oct 2015 alone.

What to do!? ..immersed in the black, illegal economy of the traffickers we are exposing ourselves to massive problems of gangs getting foothills in Europe because trafficked people beholden, ransomed to do dirty work for traffickers other monetary interests for debts owed.

Will not help with the genuine integration & acceptance of anyone sadly.
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