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Post What Patterns you would like to See Next on Stoneykins.
You can Upload your Reference Photo's Here Also.
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Apprentice Carver
Apprentice Carver
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Sat Aug 17, 2019 12:06 pm

Hey stoney. Ive never used the forum before. If you want to include some really great horror icons, I highly recommend a pattern of Svengoolie who has been a horror host for 40 years. He pretty well known and loved by Elvira and the greats. Its also amazing to see Joe Bob Briggs back in action. Hes been doing a great show on Shudder & hosted Monstervision on TNT for years. Hes a groovy dude & deserves a place of honor. I also think What We Do in the Shadows will be a hot item for carvers this season. The TV show really caught a lot of attention. :Cool:
Joe Bob Briggs
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