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Re: Casey Anthony Mask

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:18 pm
by St0ney
gotta be Honest here:

I also think it's horrible to also create this mask.
and profit from it, What she did is NO Joking matter,
And this is what this mask is about.

Sure they'll play it off that this is a Monster Mask etc.......
But MOST if NOT ALL will try to use this Mask based on Humor.

I do have my personal Limits, on what is and what's not funny.

Someone Dressed up like Charles Manson = Funny.
Manson was a Dangerous Lunatic - But his mind is So out there, I find him Funny.
with the shit that comes out of his mouth, and his crazy ass antics.
(As long as he's still behind bars - which he always will be ).

Now when the guy in the Manson Costume has his Girlfriend or Wife
Dressed as a Pregnant Sharon Tate with Fake Blood - NOT Funny.
It's Gross, Sicking and Disgusting.