UK sourced material for carving (2017)

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Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:45 pm

Microporous tape (generic) PAPER type, ..£0.40 per reel @ Wilko instore. (better value for casual carvers) 5 metre x 2.5cm reel ..go crazy pinning & placing (& peeling & re-seating your patterns so you can max out the times you can use your pricey saral.

Saral (blue) standard box. ....£9.75 per roll CHEAP!! stock up, buy 3

Stencils (HERE) $5 package & upward (as per recent stoney post) ;))

Iceland the frozen food store, £3.00 is actually buying good size pumpkins for the uk this year, buyers have asked for bigger pumpkins from growers (peculiar but positive) I "thunk" it means you could pillage a crate at a local store & spending £30 means you'd be able to get em delivered :Thumbs_Up:

Stencil printing software? ...YES, stoney is correct I should have coughed up for the Ronyasoft license years ago, works v. well. time saver!? ... you bet your boots!
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