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Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:45 pm

Every year, my road sponsors a 2-day Pumpkin Glow Oct 30-31 which can draw over a thousand people - a significant number from good 'ole Vermont which has almost as many cows as we do people. Each year I drag out my beloved foam pumpkins which are lit with Christmas strands. I'm the only one on the road with foamies - everyone else presents real pumpkins. Thanks to St0ney's patterns and instructions -- and all of your sage advice --, the responses from visitors are wonderfully positive UNTIL they are informed that the pumpkins are not real (GASP!).

This year to quell the cynics and skeptics, I am determined to carve a 3-shaded REAL pumpkin with the hope of blowing off their socks. This morning, I read St0ney's instructions and ordered the necessary Blick carving tools through and will wait patiently for their arrival in the mail.

The only thing that remains is:

I recently underwent total hip replacement and therefore I am hoping I have the energy and drive to do this a few days prior to the Pumpkin Glow.

I would love a pattern that is exceptional but can be pulled off by someone that has never used clay tools/wooden chisels/speedball cutters/Saral Transfer Paper.
Please take a moment to make a suggestion so I can begin my journey with REALITY pumpkins! :Shocked:
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