How 2 Make a Pumpkin Light
For your Carving Table

This is an inexpensive Portable Light to make,
to light your pumpkin up when shaving
Will work for Both Real or Foam Pumpkins



Tools and Parts
1. Extension cord (8 to 15 foot)
2. Octagon Electrical Box w/ 1/2 inch knockouts
3. 1/2 inch cable fitting
4. Porcelain Ceiling Lampholder
5. Electrical Tape
6. Light Bulb

1. Screwdriver
2. Wire Strippers
3. Pair of Pliers

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Cut off the receptacle End of the Extension cord
Strip the ends off the wire
And Twist each wire

Push in (by Tapping Hard)
one of Side knockouts
With a screwdriver
Twist the metal from the inside
with a pair of pliers
to remove it

NOTE: The two screws shown
on the top of the box
are included with the Lampholder


Place your Cable Fitting
In the Hole
Make sure the Nut is tight
inside the Electrical Box


Thread your Wire through the Cable Fitting
about 4 inches
And Tighten Both Screws With a Screwdriver

Lay your Lampholder on top of the box
And Wrap the wire around each Screw
Tighten Screws with Screwdriver


As an Extra Safety Measure
Cover Screws with Electrical Tape

Mount Lampholder on top of Box
with Supplied Screws
Screw in a Light Bulb
I like to use fluorescent Light Bulbs
They don't Get Hot

Now Plug it in

You Now have a Portable Light
to Light Your pumpkin While Shaving.
You can also Use this light to Display Finished Carvings.


Now Place your pumpkin over the light fixture
And Check the Glow from the shaded Areas

If you want or need more Glow
Leave the pumpkin Lit
And Start going deeper in the Shaved Areas.

My Daughter ------->
Aint She a Cutie.