How 2 Make a Windowkin

This is what we will be making (Cont.)

Grab your exacto knife
If you have a Dremel Skip these next few Steps
And Go to Step #19

Now we need to start cutting out the pattern with an exacto knife.
I use a #2 Exacto Knife
Always Use a New SHARP Blade
I also Have a Great Tip Below
to Make Cutting Fast And Easy !

Use a Self healing Mat

Before you start cutting Use a Self healing Mat under your foam-board
So you don't cut into your table
If you dont have one, then lay down some thick cardboard or some plywood under your poster board.

Start Cutting the Shapes

Here we start cuting out the shapes in our stencil
Start in the Center And work your way out.
My Hand is already Starting to hurt
This is So Old School, wish there was a better way.
Wait for it ! - LOL

You can Use a Dremel Instead to make it Much Easier

Here's a MUCH easyer Way to cut the stencil
Here's The Tip: Use a Dremel instead to cut the Foam Core ! Just use a 3/32 Size Drill Bit.
The Dremil will Cut the Foam like butter,
and will only take minutes to do. instead of an Hour or two with an Exacto Knife!
The Foam Core Works So much Better than Posterboad or Felt And you get to use your Dremil on it.

How to Carve with Dremel

Here's How to Carve the Foam Board
Place the Foam Board on two Peices of 2 x 4 Lumber
This Makes it Very easy to carve out the shapes
and you can move the Board or the lumber as you Go.

And Were Done Cutting All the Shapes

And Were Done Cutting All the Shapes
in just ten minutes with the dremel- LOL

Flip the board over

Now Just flip your foam core board over
and tape Tissue paper on the back of it
You can also Use CLEAR Shipping Tape.

Let's Hang it in our Window

Lets hang it in our window And place light source behind it
A Lamp on a table works just fine.

A Few More Windowkin Examples