How 2 Make a Windowkin

"Here's a Step by Step on the Entire Process"

Whats a Windowkin? You ask.

A Windowkin is a handmade window decoration made from a Halloween Cut-Out Pattern/Stencil
They can be made from many different materials. Such as Poster-Board, Foam Core, Felt, or Even Ply-wood. Keep in mind the pattern needs to be a 2 color pattern, known as a Cut-Through Pattern. After the Large Pattern is cut-out and the back covered in colored tissue paper, you hang it in your window and back light it.

Here's an EXAMPLE:

These Windowkins were made using felt
By a great guy and carver Chef-Taz.


First thing we need is a pattern
for this tutor were going to use
Ol' Franky Baby.

And we will be using Black Foam Core

Next we need to Take a Measurement of Our Window and poster Board, Or Foam Core
To find out How big to make the Stencil

Now that we have our Stencil Picked Out
And Know what Size to Make it
We now need to Blow it up to the size of our Foam Board.
We use a Poster Program to do so.
The Program I use is ProPoster Found Here: Price $19.95

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Load the Stencil in Proposter.

NOTE: If the Stencil is a PDF, You will need to convert it to GIF, JPG, or WMF Proposter does not support PDF Files

Put in the Size of your Foam Core, Make sure you click in the box to Keep aspect ratio.(so your pattern does not distort)The Size foam core I'm using for this tutor is 22 inches wide, so I put in 18 inches for the width. To Leave a boarder Arond it.

Click on the Print button.

This Poster will print out in six seperate pages.

Click on image to enlarge.


Here's our Six printed sheets
The next step is to cut and tape them together


Grab your Scissors & Scotch Tape, And Trim your Pages, The program will print cut-lines on each page
Cut out the cut-lines Like this

NOTE: Not all of the Cutlines need to be cut, Just the Small Cutlines that will overlap on other pages.


Tape your pages together
with Scotch Tape

Grab your Scissors again And trim off some of the blank white areas on the Right, Left and Bottom

This will help to center the Stencil on the Foam Core


Tape down the Top of the Stencil

Use Blue Painters Tape
It Removes Easy

Click Image to veiw Larger

Now Cut a Sheet of Saral Transfer Paper, And Place between the Stencil and Foam Core

I Used Blue transfer paper And it worked well

White or yellow would have worked better.

NOTE: Saral Transfer Paper Comes in 5 Different Colors, including White or Yellow


Grab a Black or Blue ballpoint Pen And Start Tracing the Pattern

Move the Transfer Paper Around as you Go
the one small sheet can be used for the entire project


At anytime you can flip the Stencil up to check your work.
Keep Moving the Tranfer Paper And Keep Tracing until every Line has been traced.

Once Your Done Tracing the Stencil, Remove it (un-tape it)

Looking Good !

We will Continue this Project on the next page

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